Understand Keywords to generate leads online!

In the previous article we covered about domain booking, hosting and website designing components! Once site is ready and go live; What we begin with is promoting it to bring in more leads. Though one of the components search engine optimisation goes parallel with website designing.

Google publishes search engine submission guideline wherein most of the rules are technical and followed / implemented by web designing company while designing your site. At the same time it's very important for site owner to get involved at the stage of understanding and finalising keywords along with content which will go on website.

Let us start understanding how search engine works; Search engine are not humans but crawler, Robot or Algorithm which crawls content on your website for the KEYWORDS you have submitted and if keyword v/s content matches based on their search engine submission guideline your site appears on their SERP Search Engine Result Page this way new prospective customer can see your website using particular keywords.

Google Organic Result Example

For Example when I searched for Keyword “Online Printing India” on google; I see Site offering Online Printing www.flexiprint.in

If you see Image given above carefully "Online Printing India: words are in the title and as part of BOLD text using "Flexi Print Is An Online Printing Service Provider". What it really indicates is Google Crawler See What you have published on your site. And hence it is very important for you to determined what your prospective buyer actually type in (Keywords) to find product and services you are offering and then make sure these keywords are well typed as part of content or text on your website.

What all points you will keep in mind while selecting keywords for your website ?

Selecting Keywords : So very first step starts with brainstorming session on your part to make list of Keywords you strongly feel searched by prospective customers to find products and services you are offering. Normally its name of your products and services and hence you need to mention very specific name of your product or services instead of generic.

For example if you are running a Blood Bank; keyword for your services will be Blood Bank << area name where you are running blood bank >> ;  mainly because in your case consumer can't carry Blood to longer distance. So you can't use keywords just like blood, Blood bank they become too generic; if you are blood bank in Mumbai you can think of using keywords as Blood Bank Mumbai.

Is Keyword always a one word? In the above example we have seen that keyword is Blood bank Mumbai; which is actually built using three words. So you can have longer phrase if that's specific to your prospective customer and it's still treated as one keyword / phrase even though its built with multiple words.

How many keywords you should opt for? This totally depends on number of pages you are going to publish on your website and information your each page will carry; Ideally if your site is 20 pages you should not have more than 25-30 keywords which are in proportion spread across 20 pages . There is no hard and fast rule to the numbers but the point is you should opt only for relevant and specific keywords instead of lots of generic keywords.

Make Sure Keywords you finalise are there as part of content / text or information about your products and services in natural flow.

Last but not the least; Remember you are writing content for users / site visitors or consumer to read; so don't overstuff keywords or repeat it unwontedly. Search engine's robots will anyways read content they want to but visitor visiting your site are human and they prefer straight to the point information about products and services. So follow writing correct and natural english clearly listing information about your products and services.

Next Article will cover process for optimising your site for search engine and who does what....

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