Welcome to the world of Digital Marketing

Before you Begin Remember 2 GOLDEN RULES !

  • Whatever is possible in OFFLINE world is possible in ONLINE world
  • Nobody comes on your website to buy something, they come to know something so Educate & Earn


Before you Begin
Before you Begin

Whatever is possible in OFFLINE world is possible in ONLINE world

I am not referring any technical jargon here ! Don't sit tight like you are going to study something serious while going through this site. Be natural and what ever you read connect the same with how you are doing things in the real OFF-LINE world. You will enjoy & grasp things faster.

Let me explain you further with an example. I am sure most of you use these services online like Banking, Ticketing, Jobs, matrimonial and even shopping. Nothing changes but it ease out the access to any of these services when you use it online..

Recollect days when we used to approach bank with hand written passbook, later they digitized and started printing on dot matrix printer but you still need to approach bank, process changed further and passbook vanished but still statement printed on paper, Finally we stopped going to bank just to check balance as we can check things online. So if you note checking bank balance online is not too technical task and If you now connect with manual passbook verification you will notice the ease of use to these services digital / ONLINE world bought in. Needless to say we are now checking everything on Mobile ANYWHERE & AT ANYTIME WE WANT!

The same way nothing will change on the front the way you market your products or services except medium of marketing will be now Digital & Mobile which is much more cost effective and has a wide reach compare to traditional way of marketing.

Before you Begin

Nobody comes on your website to buy something, they come to know something so Educate & Earn

The first reason to access Internet may not always be direct buying, but focus is on finding out more information before they decide to buy your product. Many time people who search on Internet are actually trying to find solution to the problem they are facing. They might buy your product if they feel buying your product will solve their problem.

On Web or as a part of your Digital Marketing strategy always remember this rule to Educate People instead of directly telling them to buy. For example if we visit Sweet Shop; Shopkeeper will offer you small piece of different sweets to taste and obliged you. Once you like sample you might buy it and selling is Done! Same way on your website explain in general about how a visitor or consumer can solve his problem (Without referring any context to your products / services) in article form, free documents or Free video.

Let me elaborate this example. On this site I am educating people about how to promote their product using digital marketing; somewhere I will say first step of digital marketing starts with Website (Which actually is my main business – Website Designing). When people start trusting, I will be the first person to be approached for their website design requirement. I made a deal!

I have recommended sequence of articles you need to follow to know, understand and master digital marketing; though it is very important for you to remember these rule before you begin learning DIGITAL MARKETING!

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