You remain with no choice but to learn digital way of marketing

More than 3 decades of experience gained After interacting with 7500+ businesses from different fields, providing digital marketing consultancy to 5000+ clients all across the world, meeting 400 delegates from 60 countries & while writing a book Kotak's No-nonsense Digital Marketing I concluded You remain with NO CHOICE but to learn online way of marketing YOURSELF!

I will not say that you need to be mechanic to drive a car; though you must know driving and have license to drive a car. The way we market our products / Service is changing very fast; We are moving from Physical / Real world to Digital / Virtual World of marketing hence if we don't change our BUSINESS will!

In the digital world things have not changed overnight but slowly and gradually. Refer my article 24+ Years of INTERNET & What Changed FOR US? you will be in better position to understand how this new way of marketing started replacing traditional media by giving advertisers better reach at lower cost. But this also brings lots of questions such as

  • How exactly to do it?
  • What are the options / Platform available?
  • Which platform really suits my Business?
  • Where exactly my prospective client on internet searching for my products / services?
  • What size & type of communication message I can design?
  • How to monitor success or failure of campaign?
  • What kind of agency we need to select?

Why there's a so much buzz to switch on to Digital? If you ask me I will say consumer attention earlier was only limited to traditional way of mass medium like TV, Radio, Newspaper etc but if we go through Indian Cellular and Electronics Association's data quoted by Economic Times Indian to have 820 million smartphone users by 2022. Recent data also reveals average Indian using 11 GB data per month and Data cost in India is lowest in the world at Rs.7/- Per GB per month.

What these numbers means to us? We now need to reach on every device & Platform consumer use be it traditional or digital! You been always well aware and an expert while running your business from many years & reaching your prospective clients with the help of traditional way of marketing.

But the problem is these very prospective clients of yours have now shifted their attention from traditional way of marketing to digital way of marketing if not FULLY for sure PARTIALLY & we can't miss as THEIR attention going towards our competition who started adopting digital way of marketing.

We are now at a stage where OUR BUSINESS DOES NOT EXIST if we don't have a DIGITAL PRESENCE; PERIOD. Need is to reach on every device & Platform consumer use as we now live in the digital world!

From television sets to smartphones, media is everywhere. Penetration of Internet and mobile technology has altered the rules of marketing and promotion. These days information is just a few clicks away.

YOU NOW KNOW WHAT'S THE NEED but Do You KNOW how to reach there ?

Answer is HERE! Learn digital way of marketing & FACT IS You Need not be an expert on the subject; no need to worry about HOW TO DO IT? Though learn the concept so you can hand it over to RIGHT people who can make your Marketing RUN without any problem. Point is You must really KNOW rules of the game.

What I have done is put answers to all the questions in a book Kotak's No-nonsense digital marketing. Grab your copy at This book will make you aware of the various processes, people, pitfalls, and best practices around digital marketing. It is a no-nonsense approach to the Why, What, When, and Where of the subject. Its my personal mission and cost what I am charging is just to cover taxes, Printing, handling and courier. CONTENT comes ABSOLUTELY FREE!


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