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We now live in the world of digital Marketing. 25 years of INTERNET in INDIA have brought us to a stage where OUR BUSINESS DOES NOT EXIST if we don't have a DIGITAL PRESENCE!

What seems to have started as a wonderful FREE TOOL to generate BUSINESS GLOBALLY has reached to a level that each one of us will have to start paying eventually to generate even LOCAL BUSINESS virtually.

It's no more simply making a website and registering it with search engine; but it's like following digital compliances and keep your digital presence up-to-date! It's no more like website promoting your business, but now you have to promote your website to bring BUSINESS!

An entrepreneur, Owner, Marketing Manager, SOHO, Brand or anybody involved in marketing of the products or the services, everyone must make himself / herself aware about this DIGITAL MARKETING & Learn how to market the products / services to generate LEADS.

Speaker Manoj Kotak : Manoj has represented INDIAN IT Industry as part of Indian delegates to 18+ countries covering US, Latin America, Europe, Asian Countries & Saudi with India’s largest Electronics and IT trade facilitation organisation with an export performance of US$ 200 million by all its members. His passion is educating people on adapting technology to save heavy cost they pay.

Digital Marketing Free Session By Manoj Kotak

Digital Marketing Covers

  • What's Changing?
  • Changes Due To Usage Of Mobile
  • SSL Security Certificate & ALERTS by Google
  • Free Tools To Promote (Social Media Marketing Plan)
  • Paid Tools To Promote (Digital Marketing Plan)
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Adverts
  • CRM - Capturing Lead Digitally
  • Manual & Digital Follow UP
  • Tracking & Monitoring Leads using CRM Customer Relationship Management
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