#1 ranking on Google ? No one can guarantee SAYS GOOGLE!

Google Search is known for its accuracy & speed. Its built by very complex algorithm which keep getting updated and now it's getting powered by AI - artificial intelligence displaying search results based on how human behaves.

Having said that for Local searches they introduced crowd funded Google My Business (GMB) formerly known as Google Local & Google Places where in businesses can send the request to Google and enter photos, Logos, Address, Operation timings & Phone number.

The challenge for google is how to verify that person who's entering data is real owner of business he is listing with Google My Business ? Though there are few verification points through postcard, phone, email, instant verification and bulk verification accuracy is not 100% as anyone can add the listing as your organisation and verify as its own.

Google My Business also displays Maps in form of direction with address of the business. This way when users finds any business with the name such as Image Online Pvt Ltd; they will see following screen shot for Website Designing & Development firm Image Online.


With reference to article in Economic times (Reference URL given at the end) Google Maps flooded by about 11 million false listings and phone numbers that reroute to competing businesses or fraudulent person.

So when you search for any service provider for example say Samsung Service Center near you; it might happen that detail is not entered by Samsung Service Center but a fraudulent person who will attend to your call and visit as a support team from Samsung might replace original part with duplicate causing damage to your devices permanently.

This way scammers do things like charge consumer for services actually are free, Snatch away competitors customer and generate leads in the name of brands and cross sell the same to competitions.

Businesses as well as consumer both suffer due to this. We read this kind of frauds in news paper for phone ordering from local shop & pay through wallets like PayTM, booking for popular tourist places or competitors number on your listing to take away your prospective leads.

As suggested by Google Maps Product director in one of the blog 200 Million places been adding to google every month More than 9 billion businesses been connected with 3 billion direction request received on google map.

It might need government intervention to stop this frauds but scope of article want businesses and consumer to aware on what could happen if they only rely on Google My Business search results.

You have to stay alert and verify website, phone number and exact address of business you are searching for ; if you don't get authentication avoid asking for any product or services just because you found them on Google My Business.

When you see any Number on Google My Business also search website of brand or company and see if the same number been mentioned there on their contact us page; ideally call from authenticated website of businesses instead of Google My Business number.

We don't discourage you to use Google My Business but suggesting to stay ALERT and don't trust it as 100% accurate like Google Search Results. There is possibility of you coming in the radar of fraudulent person; as Google My Business Search results are NOT ALWAYS RIGHT!

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