Advertise with google and reach everywhere on Internet!

In the series of article on "Understanding Push Marketing to Digital Marketing Transformation" we are working on our theory of "Whatever Is Possible In Offline World Is Possible in Online World" though in better way.

Every advertiser in offline world have to plan their media spending based on Media Planning provided by advertising agency and goal is more visibility! Based on your product or industry you are catering to your focus will be media catering to particular Industry. Through advertising agency you approach & pay to different media companies based on geography you want to cover; in the offline world media companies are known and limited in numbers.

So point is how do you approach single site / agency which can take your advertisement to largest possible websites where your prospective customer surfing. In the world of digital-marketing google as a tool made it possible.

They are best search engine bringing largest search traffic, they acquired Youtube where in 1 minute people are uploading video which all together can run for 24 hours in length, They launched Gmail which is most popular free email service; they have largest number of partner network websites where in publishers from all part of the world insert few lines of code by Google which then search the site content of publisher and display your advertisement matching the content on their site!

What it mean for you as an advertiser is by subscribing to Google Paid Advertisement you can reach majority of sites where you have your target audience! And yes while consumer searching for products and services you offer.

Refer to following screen shot of YouTube where in person search on YouTube for "Online 3D Printing India" while video is playing you can see overlapping advertisement of "3D Printer's buyer's Guide" and same advertisement in different size displayed on right hand side.

So far we have seen when you are with google you already on their search , gmail , YouTube and further with millions of search partners from different industry! Refer to screen shot and say you are referring to popular site IndiaMart and searching for 3D printing services when you reach the group; prior to displaying general listing of all who provide 3D printing services you advertisement is visible on right hand side relevant to what users looking for and much before he look at competitors information; we are taking example of same company to show how this company can reach on different popular site by just associating itself with Google paid advertisement.

The whole point here is power of digital marketing with the help of tool like Google Paid advertisement; Article is not about google but its all about how easy it is for advertiser to reach digitally everywhere on internet where people are searching for products & services they offer!

In the next article we will further go down on how Facebook allows you to see exact number of audience you want to target based on powerful filters they have offered. With next article we will end discussion on transformation and further move on to learning digital marketing & advertisement options; these articles in series will first help you to understand how things transformed, how it works? and its reach!

After-all Knowing makes Implementation Easy!


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