Is the way we Search Changing ?

I came across an article in the news paper with the title “Google slumps amid rising competition, falling sales” that raises eyebrows as About 85 per cent of revenue comes from advertisement in form of sponsored Advertisement links on google search engine page, Shopping advertisement and banners across its display partner network.

Is the way we Search Changing ?

More we search on google More possibilities of we clicking on Sponsored advertisement and low search volume leads to less clicks on sponsored advertisement directly affecting google's advertisement revenue.

So the question is google search volume falling down? If Yes; Why ? Is the way we search changing? And finally as business / advertiser what will be the change in our Digital Marketing Strategy?

Earlier be it Products, Services, events, General Information, Knowledge, education or anything people were looking for was getting searched first on Google. The whole world was habitual to google and rely on search results as main source of information. Google still is the main source but for sure it's not the ONLY SOURCE.

Eventually search started getting segregated as Product Search, Services Search, Travel Booking & Information search and last but not the least social search. The only and best source earlier was Google; now based on what's users want to search they don't treat google as their FIRST or ONLY source.

Why I said that; take it this way where will you search when you want to buy a product? The Answer will naturally come as market place or website like Amazon . Where Will you search when you want to book a hotel? Or Book Airline Ticket ? The answer will be you will visit Travel Aggregator website such as, which allow you to compare prices of multiple hotels / Airlines at one place and book it online.

We still will search google for services or business to business procurement but if you see we will not go to google for everything as we do have other search options available depending on product or services we are searching for.

People are now directly connected to each other things to smart phone & social media websites where in they communicate with each other through Facebook, What's App, Insta, Tweeter, Linkedin etc and search for these platform as their first source of information.

They treat information as more genuine which they get in their close what's app group or take reference in real-time for products and services they want to buy. And this is what happening not only in INDIA but every part of the world.

This way what was one upon a time GOOGLE as only search source for everything now getting segregated to multiple search types and so the feeling of reduced search volume on Google and now this is getting reflecting in their FINANCIAL results.

As a business or an advertiser's google's revenue is not our main concern but segregation of search is! And this is what call for change in your business's digital marketing services.

Depending on what you offer you now just can't rely only on google search or google paid advertisement hoping your prospective client is only searching google to find you out; it might not the case and its also important for you to visible on other search platform or types mainly because yes the way people search is definitely changing!


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