Facebook Paid Page Like! Is It All About Numbers?

There are many articles on Internet written about Face Book Page auto-liking where in company / brand's Facebook Page generates “Likes” even if user has not clicked a Like button. This article is trying to understand and conclude if it wise to buy Facebook Adverts / Advertisement to generate Facebook Paid Likes to your page!

So lets first understand what is Facebook Page? In simple word its public profile / presence of your business or brand on Facebook. Unlike Personal Facebook profile; business pages do not gain Friends but “Fans” who are Facebook Individual account holder and choose to click “Like” on Facebook page of Business, products, services or brand they like. In short instead of “Add Friend” on Facebook Business Page you see “Like” Button!

The logic goes like this; once you built your page your goal would be to generate maximum number of likes as according to Facebook it builds loyalty of customer with business / brand and helps you generate sales. Is it? Lets see? So how things works? Whenever you add any post to your page it appears on the news feed / wall of all users who liked your page. (They see your post or no is not Facebook's problem!)

It's also a fact that all post are not read by users as based on Facebook users choice and preference post sequence keep changing and keep going down till user scrolls; So for example lets assume If my Business page has 100000 Likes and if its read by 10% of fans my post / message about product or services will be able to reach 10000 genuine fans who personally liked it. If it works like this well and good! But is it working with our assumed logic ? or Facebook's Logic “ it builds loyalty of customer with business / brand and helps you generate sales” . Lets Digg more deep into it!

I went ahead and settled down on to a brand which claims they have 2 million + fans; Well its amazing! See screen shot given below;

Facebook Page Likes

I started reading post which been published all most once a day by this brand. But here is where I started doubting if these Likes are Genuine ? Why? The first few posts I quickly checked were good in design with clear message on product, offers or festival discounts but to my surprised non of the liked by more than 12 FANS; how can this be possible 12 likes to a post to the Facebook Page which has more than 2 millions users; something not right here! See Screen Shot Given Below

FaceBook Post Likes

On my personal page while I am writing this post having 750+ Friends I post Quote Of The Day and some time pictures about my sessions; on an average I generate 30 Likes to my Quote of the Day post and 100+ to my session picture and once a while to rare kind of pictures I post I get 230+ likes. But the brand page I randomly checked generates not more than 12 likes out of 20 Lakhs Fans!!!!!!

The whole point boiled down to Is Facebook Advertisement or adverts paid like are the real fans liking your brand? Apparently not! The only way to measure “like game” is by running offers with code to analyse if you are generating enough of sales through FaceBook Page or you are just looking for big numbers of FANS on your Page? & so I said Face Book Paid Page Like! Is It All About Numbers?

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