Understanding Push Marketing to Digital Marketing Transformation – Part 2

In the previous article we discussed about push marketing where in brands were working hard and spending a lot for buying out every media possible to fit in minds of consumer forever. Their focus was to reach largest number of eye balls without worrying much about their sex, age, place, martial / financial status and if he or she is going to buy product immediately.

Though there are intelligent media planning based on research and survey to assume who is moving where and if advertisement be pushed upon; but no mechanism to display advertisement exactly at the movement consumer searching information to buy particular product as so far there was no method where consumer himself telling advertiser what he / she is looking for & advertisement messages were always forced upon CONSUMER.

Here is when transformation begin when Internet been invented and came to India in 1995! Google been formed as university project and became world-wide name by 2004 and things started changing in the world of advertising though before google digital world started exploring it with Goto later acquire by Yahoo!

Unlike other search engine; Google focused ONLY & ONLY on search; No Nonsense but plain simple search box on their home page till date. Idea was to send largest number of results possibly in shortest possible time (in milliseconds). They were not first but believed in the mantra “Either Be The First Or Be The Best”; this approached made them account to bring in 85% of Internet's search traffic and other popular search engine started taking search feeds from them.

This also means google started knowing search words / keywords users are keying in and from which part of the world using what device, operating system and language! This way when you follow google search engine guideline or have your site optimised for search engine its visible to target audience and at very moment they are searching for products and services you are offering and that too at no cost to you.

In the world of digital marketing; what really attracts brands , manufacturer and advertiser is single promotion medium which is popular among the internet users all across the world and gives them control to filter / select their target audience based on language and geographical location.

Google has all the data from un-registered search engine users as well as registered users with google account who stay logged in when they use google giving google more accurate data on age, sex etc. To understand and feel the transformation refer to following examples and screen shot.

We are taking example of a site selling online printing; consumer looking to buy bill books key in the keywords as “online bill book printing” on www.google.co.in see the screen shot you can see site in example Flexi Print http://www.flexiprint.in listed on 2nd place ; this site will get real consumer looking to print bill book; no other offline medium would have made this possible; and this is what push to digital marketing transformation I am trying to explaining with detailed clarification and example. And listing is FREE

In the second example keyword is “Online Printing India” for same site Flexi Print we see FREE result in search engine result page (SERP) as well as at the bottom repeated listing with AD word written in Green on extreme left which is revenue for google and Flexi Print as advertiser pay google if some body click this an advertisement (there are no charge for displaying or visibility but only for click)

The point is Flexi Print as an advertiser and online printing company grabbing visitor's attention and possible click as soon as they express their want in form of what exactly they are looking for! The cost per click is nominal and you pay only visitor visits your site and stay for more than 10 seconds.

Google earns massive as all most 85% of Internet search traffic searching on google with least 1-3% search users are clicking on advertisement where advertiser pay for every click to google. Though now advertiser's are in better control they send advertisement only when user is searching for it and at cost every one can afford!

That's not an end Push to Digital Marketing transformation continues. Refer to Next Article....


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