What's exactly digital marketing? is the question I keep getting often during my sessions; I do have definite answer but now its turning from simple definition to doing lot of things! Refer minute level components along with Digital Marketing / Social Media Marketing plan at

But by the time I write articles things keep changing in the world of digital marketing; its scope increasing day by day and reaching to a level that practically it will be difficult to control all the steps in digital / social marketing manually; this way we will have No Way But Do It Digitally.

First step of digital marketing is making a professional quality website and start promoting it digitally (SEO / Search Engine Optimisation), (Google & Facebook's Paid Advertisement), capture the number of visits (Analytics / Monitoring), Actual Leads and followup using CRM – Customer Relationship Management; convert or close the lead; start serving converted lead and start sending reminders to closed lead.

If you read previous paragraph carefully you will notice complete process listed above been controlled digitally except following up lead on phone. If complete process been weaved through proper technical programming you will notice your business is also adopting to digital way of Marketing.

What I really mean is along with our traditional marketing efforts businesses have no other option but to also adopt digital as an alternate way of marketing; but if you don't do it right DIGITALLY; all your time, efforts and most important HUGE cost been wasted.

Depending on the budget or components of digital marketing you have to join each LINK and make a full CHAIN. For example If you only want to make a website; implementation of free yet powerful google analytics tool is must.

If you going for complete digital marketing efforts you have to join each block / link / components of digital marketing and a make a final chain; where in visitor monitoring to lead generation and conversion been tracked digitally / automatically.

The point is you can do it digital way or no way! When you plan a website; Analytics Tracks from where visitors came in mainly because whatever paid or free campaign you run you have to join it with digital code and hence it tracks who? came from where ? did what? and paid you how much? (if it's an e-commerce site)

If you paying google for advertisement they offer you report as well as you can embed your code to track paid visitors, same stands true for Facebook. If you sending news mailer you can plan auto send with coding this way you can understand number of visitors came back using your digital followup using news-mailer.

If some one calls you on phone getting your contact information from website still add them to your CRM Customer Relationship Management tool this way you will add your off-line leads DIGITALLY which is actually generated through phone, exhibition or other traditional way of marketing.

Eventually you will have HUGE clients database of yours stored digitally (who bought your product or just enquired) You can auto schedule them reminders, follow-ups & offer automatically this way your Digital-marketing efforts are working while you sleeping off the office hours. This is what I mean moving ahead we will remain only with Digital Way Or No Way!


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