Designing A Website Who Does What ?

In the previous article "First Step In Digital Marketing - Of course Website! We discussed about designing a website to kick-start your Digital marketing campaign. As website designing rules are getting more and more technical; it's always better to hire professional website designing company.

Most of the businesses expect website designing agency to do everything on their behalf; without considering the fact that its you business and no body else but only you knows what's needs to presented to prospective clients visiting your website.

Its you or your marketing head roam around and experience every day questions consumer ask related to your product or services. Its you who really understand it well the problems consumer facing and how can your product or services act as solution to their problem. Finally you know the keywords / search words prospective consumer key in on Search engine like google to find products and services you are offering.

The mistake many business does is they confuses task of advertisement agency (yes who can do everything for you, still asking lots of questions, doing number of meetings and finally charging you a BOMB) with the task website-designing agency carries.

When you are already established company doing business from many years naturally using promotional / marketing material in off-line or real world. Task now is converting existing promotional material in digital format off-course and elaborating it; Unlike your print promotional material on website there is no restriction on number of pages & Images and more you publish the better!

If you are new startup still its recommended to keep all information about products and services ready before approaching web designing company. What you really need is About You or your company, Images and Detailed description about your products and services, FAQs (if any) and contact details to start with.

Definitely this is where this question comes in mind Designing A Website Who Does What ? It seems like you are paying to get in 100% but still major task of 80% collecting data, images, content, search terms and Logo is still to be managed by you; So why the hell you are paying to web-designing company?

Answer is very well explained in one of the article we covered in past; "Making A Website Is Not Just Making A Website" Just like you feel there's a lot of work you will be doing to give business side content to the web designer; they feel it's a lot of techno-creative work needs to carry on their side to create & manage your website 24x7which is search engine friendly and responsive (all devices ready).

The whole concluding point is you know your business side and they know technical side of web and its highly recommended that you work with your web agency to clearly define what all things you would like to showcase and they will do the rest on technical side!

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