In the World Of Marketing Nothing is going to die & nothing is going to stay for ever!

There are curious questions being asked every where I go for my sessions on digital & social media marketing ! Does Website bring Business ? Do you feel Digital Marketing is must for every business? What Social Media Marketing is all about?

The buzz is; traditional way of marketing is about to die & its time we all start switching or exploring digital marketing. I will say at least in the marketing world nothing is going to die or nothing is going to stay for ever. Constant Transformation is the name of the game!

The funny part is most popular online ventures buyout full-page advertisement in news paper (print media) and once fear been expressed that print is going to die! So the point is print and digital media run side by side.

Threats been repeated for death of desktop computers when laptops been invented, Death of Laptop when Tablets been invented, death of tablets when smartphone been invented and so as death of website when FACEBOOK launched pages for companies.

We are still using websites linked to our FaceBook page; though now making our websites compatible not only for desktop but also for laptop, tablets and Mobile. We haven't stop using desktop and they still rule every desk allover the world for administrative tasks, We haven't stop using Laptop but yes for short quick tasks we do prefer using tablet & the latest Mobile smart phones are perfect for few facilities but they can't ever replace powerful desktop & Laptops.

Whats this article funnelling down to? What's the point? What are we talking about Digital Marketing or devices like desktop, laptop, tablet & smartphones ?

Off-course we are talking about Digital Marketing here which is not only limited to making a website though website is must & first step towards Digital Marketing! The point is our consumers are using devices from Big To Small , Desktop to Smartphone including laptop & tablets been invented during the journey of transformation of technology.

When we talk about digital world of marketing its very important to understand what's must and which are the devices carrying messages to consumer int he digital world? If you know the answers to these two questions welcome to the world of digital marketing; you just became eligible to start exploring digital marketing further!

Routes towards the destinations might change but destination will never change! As destination is unique but routes are multiple!

Same way having your website is having permanent destination or virtual headquarter for your business working 24x7 365 days a year. Though you have to allow user to reach you from multiple device from big to small covering all.

So conclusion is WEBSITE IS MUST & FIRST step towards digital marketing though while approaching web designer you must insist on making your website be reached through all the medium your prospective clients or visitors to the site are using.

Welcome to the world of digital marketing with KOTAK – No Nonsense Digital Marketing

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