Try without Trial Room!

Thanks to invention and spread of smart phones that directly or indirectly we all touch technology! Use of technology is changing the way we work. In one of the consulting meeting with client we touched upon a topic on how Technologist & software developer constantly working on brining in technology to make consumer shopping experience better with the help of gesture recognition and 3D texture mapping.

Imagine a situation that you are in hurry to buy your regular office wear shirts which normally blue stripe or light checks; but you still would like to quickly try multiple choices before you pick a couple of them. Shop keeper might give you sample shirt to check the size and rest you just select from packed boxes. Its not always possible to unpack and try which you finally decided to buy.

Imagine an other situation where female shopper is out on shopping and she would first like to try all that's available in her choice criteria; short list and then make a final decision. With rush and long queue for trial room, store might not allow you to carry 2-3 dresses at a time. This restricts your freedom of choice!

What if you see the Hardware / Monitor or / TV size screen with 3D camera and act as mirror for you. You raise your hand and it displays all that's in inventory; off-course you can select your choice like Top, shirt, Paints, Half Pants, Dresses etc. You pin down a finger and VOILA ! You see the garment been raped around your body in real-time and what you see in mirror like digital screen is you wearing a dress you have not yet touched. That's not an end; with wifi & connectivity to phone you can share the same with your friends on Social Media like FB , Instagram or other channels.

And yes; there's more; NO RESTRICTION if you want to try any kind of dress from casual wear to bridle wear, blesser trouser to school uniform anything and everything possible; You can also try mix and match; if you don't like a particular shirt on pant; its simple wave your hand in a particular patten and you get choices of shirts; give a click like hand gesture and you will see shirt changed without actually changing!

It's already there in process of getting adopted by giant retail garment seller. When it worked on garment; software developer started adopting it to furnishing Industry, interior designing & Tailor store where in you can give your measurement and select kind of sleeve, cliff and collar you prefer in real-time with 3D view .

You can change the bed-sheet in real-time and yes can opt for background of room to match what you have in your bedroom. You can change wall colours, furnishing, flooring on just gesture or using touch screen.

Retail revolution is on; technology is ready! Soon you will see trial rooms without queue and you will have no restriction on number & types of dresses you want to try. Initially you might face teething problem understanding how it works or hands movement giving a perfect gesture to work it right but they also offer touch screen if you feel odd to control the same with movement of your hands.

But for sure it will bring curiosity and amazing ease of use for retail shoppers. Try without Trying ! & Change without Changing !


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