Hosting Space–From where should I book it?

In one of the previous article "You Must Know Components Of Website!" we understood that though website designing looks like one project involves different parts and yearly renewals like domain & hosting.

Ideally what business prefer is; award one contract to professional website designing company instead of going to different vendors for domain booking, hosting and web designing. But at the same time Website designing company might be charging more than other hosting provider. TV advertisement from reputed international hosting brands adds to the confusion on selecting domain and hosting provider. The cost attraction divert many of business to book domain and hosting from different service provider.

No method is wrong; but when yourself book domain / hosting from third-party your website designing company don't offer renewal help or technical support as their role then remain limited to nothing else but website designing and uploading to the hosting space you already bought.

Things might just work fine unless & until you face virus attack on your website or your email stop working, or you fail to renew domain or hosting on time. You will first approach your website designing company to check what's the problem and they will simply say; as you have not hosted with us we can't help please talk to your hosting provider.

Your Hosting provider in turn might tell you as there was virus attack we have blocked your site please clean the virus only then we will restore. As a business owner you are now running between the website designing company and your hosting provider to get help and both are sending you back claiming it does not fall under their scope.

It might happen that you get automated renewal alert and you miss renewal for some reason and site goes off; again when you approach your website designing company they will tell you that you have not booked it from them and hence they have not sent you reminder and your site domain or hosting expired. Only way for you to rush back to your domain or hosting provider.

What possibly you save by booking things separately washes away when problem arises. Your domain / Hosting provider will go as per their rule and website designing company will go as per their agreed scope keeping you in between without having any clue how to resolve it. Both of them might charge you extra to resolve their side of problem still telling you I have done my part go back to them & resolve that side of problem.

Ideally find out professional website designing company who is transparent in their approach. Gives you everything in writing agrees to share Login details for domain and hosting with you clearly indicating start date and end date of domain and hosting registration.

As they charge you yearly fee; its part of their scope to manage and support domain & hosting services along with emails. They might sound bit costly then other low-cost hosting provider but consider situations explained above where you might need technical support which if not opted with website designing company might cost you extra.

Most important point here is you need not worry about approaching support of different vendors; as you know if anything goes wrong on website contract is given to one vendor & you will just talk to them.

Finally Hosting Space – From where should I book it? I strongly recommend to stay with your website designing company !


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