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Transformation of technology for automising led to many businesses go out of the business at the same time it helped many businesses to flourish! Nothing is going to die and nothing is going to stay is the rule in the world of technology. What you have to do is keep transforming to cope up with change technology brings. This stands true for businesses and as an end consumer you are most of the time going to get the benefits if you too ready to come out from your traditional buying methods and switch to online buying.

It's been said that news paper printing Industry will die due to wide-spread of internet as news from world over be accessed free of cost from anywhere! But reality is different as we see front pages of newspapers are full with advertisement for online e-commerce sites or other online ventures! This way newspapers still stayed and online sites have to rely on printed newspapers to advertise their websites or online ventures!

Its been also said for commercial printing industry that :- as people carry smart phone with business card scanner or as everything as available in digital medium people will not carry printed promotional material but reality once again is different; people still travel , take part and visit exhibition, exchange card as well as print promotion; rather digital medium help to bring in more visitors and hence stall owner needs more printed promotional material to distribute.

With this comes the challenges for small consumer. Earlier print technology was off-set printing where in you need to go for smallest quantity of 500 copies & lead time was going least 7 days; mainly because printer can not print card for one business and he has to wait for 20 orders of 500 cards each to make print plate and print cards for 20 clients with same paper specification or else going in for one client will increase the cost drastically.

The industry was running with middle man or canvasser who were acting as bridge between multiple business clients and few of printing companies. The point was as a business you have to rely on efficiency of canvasser and printing urgent material was very difficult. You have to plan your printing need well in advance. Challenge was also the Quantity even if you need 100 you have no choice but to go for 500 as cost of producing 100 will be more than cost of producing 500 because of plat based off-set printing process.

Commercial printing market was struggling with short run / printing small quantity and lead time to procure order. Other major problem was every business has their unique design for business card, letterhead, envelope & Flyer / brochures been designed by professional designing agency or graphic designer; any small change consumer has to approach designing agency as it requires special software to change original design.

Print machine manufacturer were researching more on digital printing technology to produce short run / low quantity without loosing quality of traditional offset printing; results were encouraging birth of colour digital printing machines for commercial printing capable of printing even one sheet on the spot without going into process like offset printing.

Yet the challenge was you need to approach digital printing company in your local area with original print ready file and get sheet printing; few of shops might give you cutting facility and few might not. Even for small quantity you have to approach canvasser or yourself appear in person to the printing shop; which was difficult to do for printing just 100 cards.

The question was unlike everything else why not buying of printing online? The challenge was unlike other e-commerce site selling standard product there is no variation in same product which can change a cost of product based on different options selected by user; what I mean is if you want to buy I-phone you know the model number and can place direct order at fixed price which will not change due to change of other parameters selected by you.

In case of printing you need to select the paper quality, single side printing or both side printing, if you want lamination or not, if you expect any changes or not and what about delivery of product. What I mean is you have to express multiple options before you order product. You will have to also confirm the changes you just made to design or what in printing industry they called is as Online Digital Proof to confirm everything you wanted to get printed is well checked by you; because once printed it can't be changed.

Many of professional / entrepreneurs / startup or SME can't approach professional agency due to heavy cost and hence they don't have any professional design but expect printing company to offer the same.

After innovation of digital printing technology multiple printing machine manufacturer launched their low-cost to very high-end printing machine. There was no standardisation of print quality but yes instant printing was possible. City you live in might not have good quality digital printing machine and you might have to look out for printers in other city.

Things were changing but yet standardisation was lacking in retail commercial print market; there's were Flexi Print launched their online printing website their catch line is “online printing company”.

They made use of web to print technology for end customer to visit the site online, select from 30+ print products which includes Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope, Brochure and also personalised print product (Mug, Mouse-pad, Coasters, Key-chains, invitation) with few of very unique cards where in you can print Flexi Facebook cards & Flexi business card (You can Print a personalised backside for every single card with pictures of each of your product / services)

That's not an end; if you already have a design you upload it and they print; if you don't have your design they have in total 1000s of professional quality ready to use print designs or templates for 30+ print products, change / personalise it the way you want, see digital proof they print and deliver. They have tie up with reputed courier company which makes them possible to delivery short run printing any where in India within 3 working days.

They offer Free Sample Kit. If your request been approved they delivery free kit at no cost to you within 2-3 working days on your doorstep anywhere in India. As explained above biggest challenge in printing is variation in cost based on different printing option you select such as quantity, quality of paper, front-back printing, lamination etc. This site gives live online calculator which based on option of printing you select gives you on the spot quote; no hidden cost; you know upfront what you are going to pay before you finally decide to key in your credit card number or use net banking!

At the end if you see the way this company has transform print order system using web to print based online-printing technology; makes your life easy to order any kind of print order delivered at your doorstep within 3 working days anywhere in INDIA. That's what Flexi Print online printing company is all about! Feel it yourself at -

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