The Trade Association for Information Technology (TAIT) hosted an insightful session for its members on the dynamic world of digital marketing and how it can harnessed effectively by members to grow and expand their business. As one of India's leading IT associations representing a vast IT ecosystem organizations, TAIT focusses on having a pulse on the industry happenings and addresses challenges and roadblocks for members, in a timely manner.

With the rising insecurity of the ever expanding online portals like Amazon and Flipkart, who have seemingly offering direct competition to the IT retailers and distributors, the fear of ‘Digital’ as a medium has created quite a scare among these conventional businesses owners. While these business challenges are real, one cannot deny the fast expanding ‘digital first’ ecosystem that has nearly taken over every aspect of modern human lifestyle – from education, banking & finance, business, healthcare and wellness to entertainment, travel and hospitality, it is high time one faces the fears, armed with hard facts and learn key adoption techniques.

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