Sorry I was busy figuring out how to survive in India for 2 days or may be more!

Before I express my frustration let me put disclaimer here; these are my personal views born just out of frustration I am not supporting or opposing any political party or ruling government & so as I am not complaining or appreciating their move to ban currency of Rs.500/= & Rs.1000/= at all most NO ADVANCE NOTICE! But yes I AM TOO FRUSTRATED!!!!!

You can't hit everyone hard WITH SAME STICK just because you can't differentiate who's good & who's bad! If I treat this figures correct as per Indian Express which reads “only 1% of population pays income tax, over 5000 pay more than 1 crore” in a country where population is 1.252 billion (2013) !!!!!!! What measures been taken by government to increase the tax payer's number? Or was it wise to just announce the ban of Rs.500/= & Rs.1000/= Notes; I AM ASKING MYSELF!

We are also a country where many citizens don't have universal ID (Identification); where many of Indians don't even have bank account or post account, Credit Card usage penetration too is not high. How do you expect people to survive when your promised currency fails within 4 hours and for 2 days you don't have enough of small denomination currency or you are issuing any new currency.

Even on 3rd day I don't even dare to go near bank as its long queue and you want people to exchange only 4000 a day, carry their ID & fill up forms. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

God bless us that we all are busy thinking how to survive and the business activities have come to like standstill; what really seems like a happening place is Gas / Diesel / petrol station as they are still accepting old notes till 11th November 2016.

THANK but no THANK YOU! As they don't have change forced to fill up fuel for round figures to 500 & 1000 notes. Even if as a genuine tax payer I am paying through credit card I am still in queue for more than an hour for something I don't think fulfil your dream of curbing corruption, funding for terrorist and black money!

I am on toll queue more than 5 Kms as citizens fighting with toll collection agency as they don't have enough of change and THANK YOU VERY MUCH next day announcement comes in toll booth are open for all till 11th November 2016! Oh so this was your proper planning to change currency that no calculation been made to give enough of change!

The same formula been applied by Prime Minister Morarji Desai in 1978 & in 2016 we are again banning currency in the pretext of BLACK MONEY! Sorry now they say it's also to curb corruption, FAKE currency & Black Money. If implementation was so effectively in 1978; then why are we facing the same in 2016! And are you going to assure us that it will never happen again! I AM SORRY BUT I DOUBT!

Nation Wants To Know steps you have taken to avoid worst emergency then war we all Indian citizens are facing; as I still have VALID currency issued by government of INDIA , I see shops are open but I can't buy necessity of LIFE as I have PROMISSORY note which is suddenly not getting accepted! And mechanism to exchange is not either in place or not enough considering population of country relying on currency for their day-to-day need!

Everyone's FOCUS has changed suddenly to leave everything apart and work towards exchange of currency as this is the only source of survival specially when it goes bad & dies like heart attack!

Frustration goes high when Citizens fill up mix reaction on the move as wise hoping coming days will be good for country (as everyone forgot that history repeats itself 1978 again in 2016 and god knows when next!)

I strongly believe BOLD decision taken BLINDLY backfires! And as an alert citizen its better to STOP appreciating any move BLINDLY! Unless & until you BENEFITED; If not START CRITICISING IT BOLDLY!


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