E-Gyaan Using OpenSource Technology For Education!

There's a Hunger for education! Unfortunately Education been treated as PREVILAGE for few instead of RIGHT for masses. Use of technology can help to spread education wider & faster but resource hungry systems developed by commercial software company with fancy hardware and costly software makes it difficult for every Educational Institute to adopt it!

Political parties in underdeveloped or developing countries for vote based politics distribute low-cost tablet or laptop FOR FREE assuming students will use it on their own to gain knowledge without considering the fact that learning process be channelised by Educational Institute with standard syllabus and courses.

Indian government talks about Digital India & so as government in many countries want to adopt technology for welfare of the society in general! Needless to say Education System is at the CORE!

Private but non-profit NGO put their creative ideas & I can't miss mentioning wonderful initiative named Khan Academy for “FREE EDUCATION FOR EVERYONE FOREVER” https://www.khanacademy.org/ which produces short lectures in form of YouTube video; perfect example of using TECHNOLOGY for Education. It works for students who don't have access to direct education system but they still can get some indirect medium to use technology.

At the same time we know that every country of the world has Public and Private school mechanism which most of the time work with traditional print based or text-book / note-book system with student carrying heavy bag packs to their school with competitive stressful passing / grading and merit based system to gain access to popular colleges / universities for higher education / Graduation or post graduation.

If syllabus / curriculum been controlled by government; basic difference between government granted public and private school will be infrastructure as there is huge difference in the fees been charged. This also restrict use of costly technologies to most of government granted public school due to lack of fund as they can't invest huge money in IT infrastructure & costly softwares.

What's the use of distributing free tablet & Laptops if they are not hooked up to education system student is attending daily? What's needed is a platform which works on open source free technologies without need of heavy hardware to start , manage & run. Most important ability for student to use it using lowest possible yet powerful piece of hardware at their end.

The whole situation explained above lead to BIRTH OF AN IDEA E-GYaan http://www.e-gyaan.in/ Using Technology For Learning! Founded by team of 14 very young , sincere & yet pursuing their engineering in IT / Computers degree http://www.e-gyaan.in/about-us.html

I happen to meet this young team as part of series of session i took titled as “Making A Better Engineer” or MBE where goal was to share practical knowledge to this innovative energetic group of future engineers so that they can practically make use of their college learning in real-life ideally for welfare of the society.

Multiple sessions covered credit card size low in cost yet power packed like a computer device, along with free and open source technology to build web-based system, E-commerce, big data and building the entire eco system using hardware and supportive software. Idea was to work on something which start with zero cost and even if it involves cost of hardware keep it to the least & affordable by anyone.

Team took this as a challenge and made their prototype wooden tablet using Raspberry-pi credit card size computer for less than Rs.6000/= / US$100. They also started working on Mobile App so student can get access to system using any low-cost smart phone. After building device for student they started working on Learning & School Management system which gives access to School Admin, Teachers, Student & Parents. Everything built-in one application E-Gyaan.

What's finally been produced is e-learning + School management project brining in free digital technology for masses which is easy to run and high in performance web to education project developed keeping in mind Universities, Colleges, Educational institutes and coaching classes all across world to upload syllabus & text books accessed by students using their tablet or handheld device or even device like Raspberry-pi (costing less than Rs.3000/= and you can use TV instead of costly computer with screen)

Innovation don't need recognition and they started getting lots of enquires from education institutes, coaching classes and schools to start the system which is yet in beta phase; A very big education group with 28 colleges and 8 School offered them all infrastructure ( including well furnished office premises) to build the complete system for whole group.

Highly motivated team is on Mission to build a low in cost powerful web to education system which is affordable to every Educational Institute in any part of the world! And so the article TITLE is E-Gyaan Using OpenSource Technology For Education!


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